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1.75 x 2.75 Custom Rectangle Buttons (Small)

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Get creative with our 1.75 x 2.75 Custom Rectangle Buttons (Small).  Perfect for school pictures, name tags, and business logos. Made with recycled American steel, it features a high gloss weather-resistant finish and vibrant full-color printing.

1.75 x 2.75
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3 reviews for 1.75 x 2.75 Custom Rectangle Buttons (Small)

July 25, 2023
Great product, fast turnaround
Creating my own design was easy, bulk pricing was budget friendly, and turn around time was fast without compromising the quality.
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Lowell Simon
August 10, 2022
buttons were crystal clear and came faster than promised
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Elaine Corvidae
April 7, 2022
These buttons are gorgeous! The colors pop against the metallic surface, and the buttons themselves are quite heavy and sturdy. Will definitely buy ag...More
These buttons are gorgeous! The colors pop against the metallic surface, and the buttons themselves are quite heavy and sturdy. Will definitely buy again.
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Are these buttons suitable for daily wear?
Absolutely! All of our buttons are designed to withstand daily wear. With their durable construction and high gloss weather-resistant protective covering, they can endure various conditions while retaining their vibrant appearance. Wear them proudly and showcase your unique style.

Can I order different quantities of Buttons? 
Certainly! We offer flexibility when it comes to quantities. Whether you need a few buttons or a larger batch, we can accommodate your order. Our user-friendly ordering process allows you to select the desired quantity that fits your needs. No order is too small or too big for us.

Can I use these buttons as promotional giveaways?
Absolutely! Any of our buttons are an excellent choice for promotional giveaways. Their compact size makes them easy to distribute at events, conferences, or trade shows. Personalize them with your logo, message, or artwork, and watch them leave a lasting impression on recipients. They serve as a fun and tangible way to promote your brand or cause.

Can I reorder my buttons in the future? 
Of course! If you want to reorder, we've got you covered. We keep your design on file, making it easy for you to reorder whenever you need. Simply reach out to our customer service team with your previous order details, and we'll assist you in placing a reorder. It's our goal to provide you with a seamless and convenient experience.

What is the turnaround time for my order?
We understand the importance of timely delivery. Our standard production time for orders under 5000 pieces is 5 business days. Please note that shipping times may vary depending on your location. If you need your buttons sooner, we offer expedited production and shipping options to ensure you receive them within your desired timeframe. Rest assured, we'll keep you informed about the progress of your order every step of the way.

Can I request a proof of my design before you go to production?
Certainly! We understand the importance of ensuring your buttons turn out exactly as you envision. Once you place your order, you can request a digital proof. This allows you to review and make any necessary adjustments to the design before finalizing your order. We want to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final product.

Are these buttons suitable for outdoor use?
Absolutely! Our buttons are designed to withstand various weather conditions, making them suitable for outdoor use. The high gloss weather-resistant protective covering and durable construction ensure that your buttons remain vibrant and intact even when exposed to sunlight, rain, or wind. Feel free to confidently wear or display them outdoors.

Can I customize the design with my own artwork or logo?
Absolutely! We offer full customization options for your custom buttons. You can easily personalize them with your artwork, logo, or design. Simply use our user-friendly customization tool to upload your preferred image and adjust it to fit the button's dimensions. Let your creativity shine and create a unique button that represents your style or brand.

Can I order different finishes?
Currently, we offer a high gloss weather-resistant protective covering as the standard finish for our 1.75"x2.75" Custom Rectangle Buttons. This finish provides a sleek and professional appearance while ensuring durability. However, we're constantly innovating and expanding our offerings, so be sure to check back for any updates on new finishes in the future.

Can I use these buttons for business promotions or marketing campaigns?
You Bet! Any of our buttons are an excellent choice for business promotions and marketing campaigns. Whether you're looking to enhance brand visibility, promote a product or service, or create awareness for an event, these buttons provide a creative and effective way to spread your message. Customize them with your logo, slogan, or promotional artwork, and watch them grab attention and generate interest.

Can I order a mix of designs or artwork in a single order?
Yes!  Our pricing includes up to three designs per order!  After that, we charge $5 per design thereafter.

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Step up your style game with our versatile 1.75 x 2.75 Custom Rectangle Buttons (Small). As the smallest rectangles we offer, these buttons are great for showcasing school pictures, creating personalized name tags, or displaying your business logo. Their compact size makes them a bold and versatile choice for various occasions.

Crafted with care, these buttons are made with at least 60% recycled American steel, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. The high gloss weather-resistant protective covering ensures durability and shields your buttons from scratches and fading. With a sturdy plastic backing, these buttons are built to last and can be worn or displayed with confidence.

Express yourself with our high-quality full-color digital printing. Whether it’s a vibrant school photo, eye-catching logo, or captivating message, our buttons bring your designs to life with sharp and vivid details. Spread your message to the masses and make a lasting impression.

Our 1.75 x 2.75 Custom Rectangle Buttons (Small) are not only visually appealing but also eco-friendly. They are recyclable, aligning with our commitment to reducing waste and supporting sustainable practices. Plus, these buttons are proudly made and sourced in the USA, ensuring quality craftsmanship and supporting local industries.

Customizing your buttons is a breeze. Choose from a wide range of design options, including horizontal or vertical orientation to fit your artwork or logo. The flexibility of our rectangle buttons allows you to create a customized button that perfectly suits your needs and captures your attention.

In addition to their versatile nature, these buttons are a compact and convenient way to showcase your personal style or promote your brand. They are easy to wear, carry, or distribute at events, trade shows, conferences, and more. Let your creativity shine with our 1.75 x 2.75 Custom Rectangle Buttons (Small).