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Custom Button Packs, Boxes & Bagging

Custom Button Packaging 

Retail Ready Packaging

Take your button game to the next level with our custom button packaging.  Looking to stand out?  We can digitally die-cut your button cards to just about any shape and size you can imagine. The possibilities are endless!   


Flat Packs-  Custom full color printed card stock (laminated/unlaminated) die cut to shape and size with any number of buttons fastened to the card.  

Bag & Topper- Buttons bagged loose in a clear poly bag topped with a full color folded card.  

Poly Bagged Display Packs-Buttons bagged loose in a clear polybag with a full-color card and option for sombrero punch (hanging hole).  

Custom Die Cut Flat Packs- Just like our standard flat packs but cut to the shape of your choice.  


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