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5×4 Inch Oval Stickers (20sq. inches)

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Explore the distinctiveness of our 5×4 Inch Oval Stickers – a great option for nametags or a stylish twist to your logo. Make a statement with these unique custom Oval stickers!

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Dive into the uniqueness of our 5×4 Inch Oval Stickers – an unexpected choice that adds a touch of whimsy to nametags or introduces a stylish twist to your logo. Opt for these high-quality custom Oval stickers, where individuality merges seamlessly with smart branding.

Crafted on durable 3.4 MIL, 5-year waterproof vinyl (never paper!), using advanced digital sticker printing technology, our stickers redefine durability and style. Our latex inks are water-based, ensuring no harmful VOCS, requiring no special handling, and containing zero Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS), making them environmentally conscious.

Beyond their eco-friendly nature, our inks boast exceptional durability. By avoiding the need for lamination, they integrate a special anti-scratch agent, forming a protective layer that enhances outdoor durability and scratch resistance. Why pay more elsewhere? Our economy stickers are cost-effective and last up to three years outdoors – an ideal choice for giveaways, band stickers, and short to medium-term projects.

For those aspiring for top-notch quality, we offer a premium upgrade!