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Custom clothing magnets are attractive! Create your own full-colour clothing magnets, today!
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Best Custom Clothing Magnets available in the market – Just Buttons
Custom clothing magnets are attractive! Create your own full-colour clothing magnets, today! Do you need the perfect magnets button design, but aren’t sure how? Well, with Just Buttons’ Free Online Design tool, making your own ideal custom clothing magnet button is more convenient. Have your own artwork? Great! Upload your artwork, and receive a digital proof of your magnetic buttons design.

Design perfect magnetic buttons with multiple fonts, art, and colour options, and create a memorable custom button magnets. If you want to make employee name tags, summer camp name tags, field trip name tags; Just buttons custom magnetic buttons are the answer.

How Wearable Magnetic Buttons are made?
Custom button magnets are attractive and High in quality! If it seems like making a high-quality custom magnetic wearable buttons are a simple process, well, you would be right. From the time of your idea of holding your new wearable magnetic buttons in hand, our process of making high-quality clothing magnets is straightforward and easy to follow.

Once we receive your custom magnetic wearable buttons artwork, our graphic designer checks everything about it, making sure that your graphic will look as good as possible. From there, we will send you a digital proof of your custom button magnets. This is a digital mock-up of what your custom clothing magnets will look like, a sneak preview of the finished product.Upon approval, utilizing digital print technology, we print your custom magnetic wearable buttons on super bright acid-free paper. Next, one of our team members laminates your order. Lamination ensures that your high-quality wearable magnetic buttons for clothes will resist the elements and will last for years to come.

Once lamination is complete, we use high tech digital cutting machines to precisely cut your graphic, ensuring every cut is perfect. Thereafter, a team member takes your graphics, and presses them into high-quality magnetic buttons! After the buttons have been pressed and attach the clothing magnet, a team member will quality control your order, ensuring that every magnetic button you have ordered is perfect. Following quality control, your magnetic buttons will be expertly packed and shipped.

Using only the highest quality materials, our magnetic buttons are produced in the USA using parts and machines sourced right here in America. Upload your artwork today, and we will create quality custom clothing magnets just for you.

We also made custom buttons, custom stickers, custom keychains, pocket mirrors, custom zipper pulls, custom magnets, custom bottle openers, and campaign buttons. We offer a wide selection of custom button packs and packaging.

Order magnetic buttons for clothes online at Just Buttons
For those who want to use buttons for advertising yet do not want the load of a steel pin to put through your garment, we give you custom magnetic wearable buttons!

These clothes magnets feature similar quality measures as our other custom button products, with a detachable magnet that attaches the button to your clothes with the ability of tiny, incredibly magnets.

They are the premium choice for buttons that stick around when you require, but leave without a trace!

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